Traffic Engineering, 4th Edition

Traffic Engineering, 4th Edition

Roger Roess,

Preference :

The transportation system is often referred to as the nation' s "lifeblood circulation system." Our complex system of roads and highways, railroads, airports and airlines, waterways, and urban transit systems provides for the movement of people and goods within and between our densest urban cities and the most remote outposts of the nation. Without the ability to travel and to transport goods, society must be stmctured around small self-sufficient communities, each of which produces food and material for all of its needs locally and disposes of its wastes in a similar manner. The benefits of economic specialization and mass production are possible only where transportation exists to move needed materials of production to centralized locations, and finished products to widely dispersed consumers.

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Content :
  • 1 Introduction to Traffic Engineering
  • 2 Road User and Vehicle Characteristics
  • 3 Roadways and Their Geometric Characteristics
  • 4 Introduction to Traffic Control Devices

Download Traffic Engineering, 4th Edition free PDF


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