Understanding Construction Drawings

Understanding Construction Drawings

Mark W. Huth

Preference :

Understanding Construction Drawings is intended for students in construction programs in two-year and four-year colleges and technical institutes, as well as apprentice training. Designed for a course in print reading focused on both residential and commercial construction, the book helps you learn to read the drawings that are used to communicate information about buildings. It includes drawings for buildings that were designed for construction in several parts of North America. The diversity of building classifications and geographic locations ensures that you are ready to work on construction jobs anywhere in the industry. Everyone who works in building construction should be able to read and understand the drawings of the major trades.

Download Understanding Construction Drawings free PDF

Content :
  • PART I Drawings—The Language of Construction
  • PART II Reading Drawings for Trade Information
  • PART III Multifamily Construction
  • PART IV Heavy Commercial Construction
  • Part IV Test

Download Understanding Construction Drawings free PDF


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