How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2

How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2

The introduction of European standards to UK construction is a signifi cant event. The ten design standards, known
as the Eurocodes, will affect all design and construction activities as current British Standards for design are due
to be withdrawn in 2010 at the latest. BS 8110, however, has an earlier withdrawal date of March 2008. The aim
of this publication is to make the transition to Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures as easy as possible by
drawing together in one place key information and commentary required for the design and detailing of typical
concrete elements.
The cement and concrete industry recognised that a substantial effort was required to ensure that the UK design
profession would be able to use Eurocode 2 quickly, effectively, effi ciently and with confi dence. With support
from government, consultants and relevant industry bodies, the Concrete Industry Eurocode 2 Group (CIEG)
was formed in 1999 and this Group has provided the guidance for a co-ordinated and collaborative approach to
the introduction of Eurocode 2. Part of the output of the CIEG project was the technical content for 7 of the 11
chapters in this publication. The remaining chapters have been developed by The Concrete Centre.not possible to foresee such conditions in every detail beforehand.


1. Introduction to Eurocodes 
2. Getting started 
3. Slabs 
4. Beams 
5. Columns 
6. Foundations 
7. Flat slabs 
8. Defl ection calculations 
9. Retaining walls
10. Detailing 
11. BS 8500 for building structures


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