Sheet Piling Handbook Design

Sheet Piling Handbook Design

This edition follows in the footsteps of the well-known and universally acclaimed book Spund-
wand-Handbuch Berechnungen by Klaus Lupnitz dating from 1977. The preface to that

book contained the following words: “This edition of the Sheet Piling Handbook is intended
to provide an outline of the fundamentals and analysis options for the design of sheet piling
structures. The theory is mentioned only where this is essential for understanding.”
A revision has now become necessary because the state of the art has moved on considerably
over the past 30 years. Changes have been brought about by the latest recommendations of the
Committee for Waterfront Structures (EAU 2004), the new edition of DIN 1054 with the latest
modifications from 2005, and the recently published recommendations of the Committee for
Excavations (EAB 2006). Common to all of these is the new safety philosophy based on the
partial safety factors concept.

In particular, the sample calculations enable users to become quickly familiar with the new
standards and recommendations. The Sheet Piling Handbook should continue to serve as a
standard work of reference for engineering students and practising engineers.

I should like to thank Jan Dührkop, Hans Hügel, Steffen Kinzler, Florian König and Klaus-
Peter Mahutka for their assistance. This book was produced in close cooperation with the

staff of ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik, and I should like to thank Messrs. Drees, Stüber,
Kubani, Potchen, Haase, Lütkenhaus, Schletz and Schmidt of ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik
plus Messrs. Petry and Billecke of HSP.


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