Manual of steel construction Load & resistance factor design

Manual of steel construction Load & resistance factor design

This 3rd Edition LRFD Manual of Steel Construction is the twelfth major update of the
AISC Manual of Steel Construction, which was first published in 1927. With this revision,
member and connection design information has been condensed back into a single
volume. It has been reorganized and reformatted to provide practical and efficient access
to the information it contains, with a roadmap format to guide the user quickly to the
applicable specifications, codes and standards, as well as the applicable provisions in
those standards.
The following specifications, codes and standards are included in or with this Manual:
• 1999 LRFD Specification for Structural Steel Buildings
• 2000 LRFD Specification for Steel Hollow Structural Sections
• 2000 LRFD Specification for Single-Angle Members
• 2000 RCSC Specification for Structural Joints Using ASTM A325 or A490 Bolts
• 2000 Code of Standard Practice

The following major improvements have been made in this revision:
• Workable gages for flange fasteners have been reintroduced.
• The revised T, k and k1 values for W-shapes and the 0.93 wall-thickness reduction
factor for HSS have been considered.
• Guidance is provided on the new OSHA safety regulations, stability bracing
requirements and proper material specification.
• New information is provided on design drawing information requirements, criteria
needed for connection design, mill, fabrication and erection tolerances, façade
issues, temperature effects and fire protection requirements with summaries of
common UL assemblies.
• Shape information has been updated to the current series.
• Coverage of round HSS has been added.
• Dimensions and properties have been added for double channels back-to-back.
• Tables of surface and box perimeter, weight/area-to-perimeter ratios and surface


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