Residential Cellular Concrete Buildings

Residential Cellular Concrete Buildings

Concrete cellular structures are used extensively for residential buildings. In concept they
are structurally simple but they require attention to detail to realise the benefi ts of ease
of construction and economy.
This guide is written for the structural engineer who has knowledge of building structures
in general but who has limited or no experience of designing concrete cellular structures.
It highlights areas that require close coordination between the structural and services
engineers, the architect and importantly the system supplier.
It also provides guidance on selecting an appropriate solution, sizing the structure and
carrying out detailed design. Detailing considerations are explained, some of which have
to be considered at the early stages of a project to achieve an effi cient building

There are three main systems of concrete construction available for cellular structures:
tunnel form, crosswall and twinwall. With all these systems the early involvement of the
specialist manufacturer or supplier will bring benefi ts in the form of expert advice and
experience. They will be able to maximise the effi ciency, productivity, buildability and
cost-effectiveness of their systems for your project. The various systems are all described
below and further expanded in subsequent chapters.
An alternative system available for prisons comprises four individual cells cast as one
volumetric unit complete with all furniture, sanitary ware and services. This is a specialist
product, for which all the design and detailing is undertaken by the supplier.


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