Spon’s Asia-Pacific Construction Costs Handbook: 5th Edition pro-
vides overarching construction cost data for 16 countries that include –

Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia,
Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan,
Thailand and Vietnam
It contains a regional overview of the construction industry in the Asia

Pacific region as well as broad and macroeconomic data on key national indi-
cators, construction output indicators and general construction cost data.

Over the last few years, the global economic outlook has continued to be

shrouded in uncertainty and volatility not least following the financial cri-
sis in the Euro zone. The world economic landscape and tendering climate

have also changed. Updated information is therefore important and even
crucial. While the United States and Europe are going through a difficult
period, investors are turning more keenly to focus on Asia..

This introduction describes the international groupings of the countries,
their key characteristics and various measures of their standard of living.

The section on Construction Output and the Economy relates value of con-
struction output to gross domestic product (GDP) and to levels of invest-
ment for each country. It includes some data on housing stock. Finally there

is a section on the Organisation of the Construction Sector.
The main active regional grouping is the Association of South East Asian

Nations (ASEAN) established in 1967 with the aims of accelerating eco-
nomic growth, social progress and cultural development; the promotion of

collaboration and mutual assistance in matters of common interest; and the
continuing stability of the region.


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