Manufacturing Engineering And Technology Seventh Edition


Steven R. Schmid, Serope Kalpakjian

Preference :

In preparing the seventh edition of this book, our goal continues to be to provide a
comprehensive and state-of-the-art manufacturing engineering and technology text-
book, with the additional aims of motivating and challenging students in studying
this important engineering discipline. As in the previous editions, the book attempts
to present a broad overview, emphasizing a largely qualitative coverage of the science,
technology, and practice of manufacturing. We have included detailed descriptions
of the fundamentals of manufacturing processes, operations, and the manufacturing
The book continues to address the various challenges and issues in modern
manufacturing processes and operations, ranging from traditional topics such as
casting, forming, machining, and joining processes, to advanced topics such as
the fabrication of microelectronic devices and microelectromechanical systems and
nanomanufacturing. The book provides numerous examples and case studies, as
well as comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of all topics relevant to modern
manufacturing, as a solid background for students as well as for professionals.

As you begin to read this chapter, take a few moments to inspect various objects
around you: mechanical pencil, light fixture, chair, cell phone, and computer. You
soon will note that all these objects, and their numerous individual components, are
made from a variety of materials and have been produced and assembled into the
items that you now see. You also will note that some objects, such as a paper clip,
nail, spoon, and door key, are made of a single component. As shown in Table I.1,
however, the vast majority of objects around us consist of numerous individual pieces
that are built and assembled by a combination of processes called manufacturing.
This is well illustrated by the tractor shown in Fig. I.1, with several components and
their materials highlighted.

Manufacturing Engineering And Technology Seventh Edition

Content :
  • Fundamentals of Materials: Behavior and Manufacturing Properties
  • The Structure of Metals
  • Mechanical Behavior, Testing, and Manufacturing Properties of Materials
  • Physical Properties of Materials
  • Metal Alloys: Their Structure and Strengthening by Heat Treatment
  • Ferrous Metals and Alloys: Production, General Properties, and Applications
  • Nonferrous Metals and Alloys: Production, General Properties, and Applications
  • Polymers: Structure, General Properties, and Applications
  • Ceramics, Glass, Graphite, Diamond, and Nanomaterials: Structure, General Properties, and Applications
  • Composite Materials: Structure, General Properties, and Applications
  • Fundamentals of Metal Casting
  • Forming and Shaping Processes and Equipment
  • Metal-casting Processes and Equipment
  • Metal Casting: Design, Materials, and Economics
  • Metal-rolling Processes and Equipment
  • Metal-forging Processes and Equipment

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