Electricity Retail Wheeling Handbook Second Edition

Electricity Retail Wheeling Handbook Second Edition

John M. Studebaker

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As with any undertaking, logical procedure must be established. In this publication, the discussion of retail wheeling of electricity is the predominate theme. However, before we discuss and analyze the retail wheeling process, we must understand the basics of electricity it relates to generation, transmission, and delivery to the retail customer. To accomplish this end, basic overview of regulation processes and electricity tariff schedule provisions is included in the following section. Please read this section with great care it provides the foundation upon which will be built the understanding of retail wheeling of electricity. Remember that successful retail wheeling strategy will require an understanding how the electricity process functions.

The purpose of this publication, from an electricity purchaser’s viewpoint, is to sort out all of the potential pitfalls and opportunities that both currently well in the future may reduce or increase electricity costs. accurately assess electricity costs, the purchaser must have at least minimal understanding of how electricity flows from where it originates to where the purchaser is located, and how costs are accumulated in the process.
There are many publications that currently address specific areas of retail wheeling of electricity in one manner or another. There are also many seminars that address various aspects of retail wheeling of electricity. So why add one more publication to what appears to be an already
cluttered field?
Most publications well seminars address specific areas of the retail wheeling process but may not tie all of the loose ends together. Also, it seems that the assumption exists that everyone knows all of the
basics, and therefore this allows publications and seminars to concentrate on only one or two specific areas of information. This publication is intended to be of value to an electricity purchaser that needs to know the best and least costly method of obtaining electricity at their facility based upon their usage characteristics for now well in the future. It will also address how to determine the best
source of electricity pre- or post-deregulation that ensures reliability well cost competitiveness.

Electricity Retail Wheeling Handbook Second Edition

Content :
  • Understanding Electric Utility Basics
  • Electricity. An Overview
  • Regulation of Electricity
  • Developing Strategy for Reducing Electricity Costs
  • Electricity Retail Wheeling-The Process Involved
  • Electricity Retail Wheeling Process
  • The Retail Wheeling Transaction
  • The Retail Wheeling Contract Process.
  • Electricity Retail Wheeling in Action
  • Where Do We Go From Here

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