Refrigeration Systems and Applications Second Edition

Refrigeration Systems and Applications Second Edition

Ibrahim Dincer, Mehmet Kanoglu

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Refrigeration is an amazing area where science and engineering meet for solving the humankind’s
cooling and refrigeration needs in an extensive range of applications, ranging from the cooling of
electronic devices to food cooling, and has a multidisciplinary character, involving a combination
of several disciplines, including mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, food
engineering, civil engineering and many more. The refrigeration industry has drastically expanded
during the past two decades to play a significant role in societies and their economies. Therefore,
the economic impact of refrigeration technology throughout the world has become more impressive
and will continue to become even more impressive in the future because of the increasing demand
for refrigeration systems and applications. Of course, this technology serves to improve living
conditions in countless ways.

This second edition of the book has improved and enhanced contents in several topics, particularly
in advanced refrigeration systems. It now includes study problems and questions at the end of
each chapter, which make the book appropriate as a textbook for students and researchers in
academia. More importantly, it now has comprehensive energy and exergy analyses presented in
several chapters for better and performance improvement of refrigeration systems and applications,
which make it even more suitable for industry. Coverage of the material is extensive, and the
amount of information and data presented is sufficient for several courses, if studied in detail. It is
strongly believed that the book will be of interest to students, refrigeration engineers, practitioners,
and producers, as well as people and institutions that are interested in refrigeration systems and
applications, and that it is also a valuable and readable reference text and source for anyone who
wishes to learn more about refrigeration systems and applications and their and analysis.
Refrigeration Systems and Applications Second Edition

Content :
  • General Aspects of Thermodynamics, Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Refrigerants
  • Refrigeration System Components
  • Refrigeration Cycles and Systems
  • Advanced Refrigeration Cycles and Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat Pipes

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