Bridge Design Concepts and Analysis

Bridge Design Concepts and Analysis 

António J. Reis

Preference :

Bridges are one of the most attractive structures in the field of Civil Engineering, creating aesthetical judgments from society and deserving, in many cases, the Latin designation in the French language of Ouvrages d’Art. Firstly, a set of definitions and appropriated terminology related to bridge structures is established before discussing bridge design concepts. A short historical view of the topic is included in this chapter to introduce the reader to the bridge field, going from basic concepts and design methods to construction technology. A bridge cannot be designed without an appropriated knowledge of general concepts that go well beyond the field of structural analysis and design. The concept for a bridge requires from the designer a general knowledge of other aspects, such as environmental and aesthetic concepts, urban planning, landscape integration, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering.

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Content :
  • Introduction
  • Bridge Design: Site Data and Basic Conditions
  • Actions and Structural Safety
  • Conceptual Design and Execution Methods
  • Aesthetics and Environmental Integration
  • Superstructure: Analysis and Design
  • Substructure: Analysis and Design
  • Design Examples: Concrete and Composite Options
  • Annex A: Buckling and Ultimate Strength of Flat Plates

Download Bridge Design Concepts and Analysis free PDF


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