Limit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity

Limit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity  

M. P. Nielsen

Preference :

Since the publication of the second edition of this book, significant progress has been made within the field of concrete plasticity. In the present edition, we have taken the opportunity to describe some of the new accomplishments. In addition, a number of misprints and a few errors have been corrected. A considerable part of the third edition deals with problems involving sliding in cracks. The theory of crack sliding, already introduced in the second edition, has in recent years been greatly extended. The theory has now matured to such a degree that it may be applied in practical design. This book provides improved explanations and new solutions, i.e., for beams with arbitrarily curved shear cracks, continuous beams, and beams with large axial compression. The part on lightly shear reinforced beams has been revised to reflect the recent developments. The revision includes upper and lowers bound solutions for beams with a circular cross-section. In the second edition, beams with arbitrary sections were treated by reducing the problem to the design of a thin-walled section lying within the real section. Since circular sections are very common, particularly in bridge engineering, more accurate treatment of beams with circular sections has been given in the present edition. It has turned out that the crack sliding theory is also applicable to punching shear problems.

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Content :
  • The Theory of Plasticity
  • Yield Conditions
  • The Theory of Plain Concrete
  • Beams
  • Slabs
  • Punching Shear of Slabs
  • Shear in Joints
  • The Bond Strength of Reinforcing Bars
  • Seismic Design by Rigid-Plastic Dynamics

Download Limit Analysis and Concrete Plasticity free PDF


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