Structural Foundations Manual for Low-Rise Buildings, Second Edition

Structural Foundations Manual for Low-Rise Buildings 


Preference :

All structures resting on the earth must be carried by a foundation. The foundations are therefore the most important part of the structure as they are the element that transfers the superstructure loads into the soil mass. Foundation engineering is not an exact science, and engineers involved in foundation design have to use their training, experience, and engineering judgment in formulating economic foundation solutions. The design of foundations for low-rise buildings is just as important as that required for larger buildings, the only difference being one of scale. The correct engineering solution must be economic and practical if the builders are to maintain profit margins. This book is about providing suitable foundations for low-rise buildings where ground conditions are classed as hazardous. It deals primarily with housing construction, but much of the information is relevant to the design and construction of other categories of buildings. It has been written for those professionals involved in building design and is intended to be a source of guidance for builders, architects, engineers, building inspectors, and site agents for dealing with foundation problems in which they themselves are not specialists.

Content :
  • 1 Site investigations
  • 2 Foundation design
  • 3 Foundations in cohesive soils
  • 4 Foundations in sands and gravels
  • 5 Building in mining localities
  • 6 Sites with trees
  • 7 Developing on sloping sites
  • 8 Building on filled ground
  • 9 Ground improvement
  • 10 Building up to existing buildings
  • 11 Contaminated land

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