BIM and Big Data for Construction Cost Management

BIM and Big Data for Construction Cost Management 

.Weisheng Lu

Preference :

This book is designed to help practitioners and students in a wide range of con- struction project management professions to understand what building informa- tion modelling (BIM) and big data could mean for them and how they should prepare to work successfully on BIM-compliant projects and maintain their com- petencies in this essential and expanding area. In this book, the state-of-the-art information technologies that support high-profile BIM implementation are introduced, and case studies show how BIM has integrated core quantity surveying and cost management responsibil- ities and how big data can enable informed decision-making for cost control and cost planning. The authors’ combined professional and academic experience demonstrates, with practical examples, the importance of using BIM and par- ticularly the fusion of BIM and big data, to sharpen competitiveness in global and domestic markets.

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Content :
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 BIM theories and technologies
  • 3 BIM implementation strategies, prospects, and challenges
  • 4 Adopting BIM for cost management
  • 5 Case studies
  • 6 Big data for construction cost management
  • 7 Current challenges and future outlooks
  • 8 Good practices for adopting BIM for cost management
  • 9 The future of BIM and big data in quantity surveying
  • 10 Conclusion

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