Building a Project Work Breakdown Structure

Building a Project Work Breakdown Structure 


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The origin and exact date of development of the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) are not exactly clear. It appears that it was developed in response to some unstated problem within the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Most authors (writing on this subject) and their articles do not address the source of the WBS. It was not until 2002 that a booklet clarified what had been, until that time, simply “folklore.” Haugan’s booklet clarified a number of misconceptions that had developed during the previous 45 years. This booklet is an excellent reference for exact details. However, we now know that the WBS was developed as a component of a larger effort to control DoD projects from the early 1960s through to today. The official reference (as of 2002) was the DoD’s site for the WBS. The exact World Wide Web reference has changed and, at this writing, is lost. A recent search for “Work Breakdown Structure” on the World Wide Web (WWW) produced more than 2,260,000 sites. This is an expression of both the commercialism of the WWW and the popularity of the WBS.

Content :
  • Preplanning Issues
  • Sources of Deliverables
  • Timing of Planning Session
  • Specific Preparations
  • Executing The Eight-Step Process
  • Post -PLannin g Activities 
  • Some Basic Project Management Issues

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