Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020 

Tayseer Almattar

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SOLIDWORKS is one of the most used pieces of software for 3D engineering and product design applications. These applications cover areas such as aviation, automobiles, consumer product design, and more. This book takes a practical approach to master the software at a professional level. The book starts with the very basics, such as exploring the software interface and opening new files. However, step by step, it progresses through different topics, from sketching and building complex 3D models to generating dynamic and static assemblies.

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Content :
  • Introduction to SOLIDWORKS
  • Interface and Navigation
  • SOLIDWORKS 2D Sketching Basics Technical requirements
  • Special Sketching Commands Technical requirements
  • Basic Primary One-Sketch Features Technical requirements
  • Basic Secondary Multi-Sketch Features Technical requirements
  • Materials and Mass Properties Technical requirements
  • Standard Assembly Mates Technical requirements
  • Introduction to Engineering Drawing Understanding engineering drawings
  • Basic SOLIDWORKS Drawing Layout and Annotations Technical requirements
  • Bills of Materials 

Download Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020 free PDF


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