Machine Elements in Mechanical Design

Machine Elements in Mechanical Design 

Robert L. Mott

Preference :

The objective of this book is to provide the concepts, procedures, data, and decision analysis techniques necessary to design machine elements commonly found in mechanical devices and systems. Students completing a course of study using this book should be able to execute original designs for machine elements and integrate the elements into a system composed of several elements. This process requires a consideration of the performance requirements of an individual element and of the interfaces between elements as they work together to form a system. For example, a gear must be designed to transmit power at a given speed. The design must specify the number of teeth, pitch, tooth form, face width, pitch diameter, material, and method of heat treatment. But the gear design also affects, and is affected by, the mating gear, the shaft carrying the gear, and the environment in which it is to operate. Furthermore, the shaft must be supported by bearings, which must be contained in a housing. Thus, the designer should keep the complete system in mind while designing each individual element. This book will help the student approach design problems in this way.

Content :
  • 1 The Nature of Mechanical Design
  • 2 Materials in Mechanical Design
  • 3 Stress and Deformation Analysis
  • 4 Combined Stresses and Stress Transformation
  • 5 Design for Different Types of Loading
  • 6 Columns
  • 7 Belt Drives, Chain Drives, and Wire Rope
  • 8 Kinematics of Gears
  • 9 Spur Gear Design
  • 10 Helical Gears, Bevel Gears, and Wormgearing
  • 11 Keys, Couplings, and Seals
  • 12 Shaft Design
  • 13 Tolerances and Fits
  • 14 Rolling Contact Bearings
  • 15 Completion of the Design of a Power Transmission

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