Structural Steel Design 3rd Edition

Structural Steel Design 3rd Edition 

Jason Vigil

Preference :

The knowledge and expertise required for the design of steel-framed structures is essential to architectural, civil and structural engineers, as well as to students intending to pursue careers in the field of structural design and construction. This textbook provides the fundamentals of structural steel design from a structural systems framework that involves not only the isolated design of the individual structural steel elements, but the design of these elements within the context of the entire structural system. This enables the reader to see the connection between each structural element and how and where they fit within the entire structural system, in addition to engendering a big picture view of structural steel design.

Content :
  • Introduction to Steel Structures
  • Design Methods, Load Combinations, and Gravity Loads and Load Paths
  • Lateral Loads and Lateral Force Resisting Systems
  • Tension Members
  • Compression Members Under Concentric Axial Loads
  • Flexural Members
  • Composite Beams
  • Members Under Combined Axial Load and Bending Moment
  • Bolted Connections
  • Welded Connections
  • Moment Connections, Bracing and Truss Connections, and Miscellaneous Details
  • Floor Vibrations due to Human Activity
  • Built-up Sections—Welded Plate Girders
  • Practical Considerations in the Design of Steel Buildings

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