BIM for Design Firms

BIM for Design Firms 

François Lévy

Preference :

This is a personal book. It is largely informed by my career in architecture to date, the lessons I have discovered about the process of design, the mistakes I have made, and the colleagues, clients, and students from whom I have learned. It is anecdotal, which is not to say that it is not factual nor accurate. It hopes to be conversational in tone, and perhaps entertaining. Certainly, I have enjoyed sharing what I have come to know and believe about BIM (building information modeling). Before the term had been coined, I had begun to use a BIM process— albeit one higher on building modeling and lighter on the information. In part, this was motivated out of a sense of adventurousness, but primarily it seemed to be a promising methodology to explore design opportunities, from novel geometry to the quantitative analysis of thermal chimneys and rainwater harvesting.

Content :
  • Digital Design
  • BIM Past and Present
  • What Tools Mean
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Case Studies in Form Making
  • Case Studies in Digital Fabrication
  • BIM Tomorrow: Trends in Technology
  • Afterword

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