Design and Analysis of Connections in Steel Structures

Design and Analysis of Connections in Steel Structures 


Preference :

Structural Steel Connection Design is an engineering manual directed toward the engineering audience. The first section provides an introduction to key concepts, then progresses to provide a more in-depth description for the design of struc- tural steel connections. A correct approach to connection design is fundamental in order to have a safe and economically sound building. Therefore, this book will attempt to explain how to set up connections within the main calculation model, choose the types of connections, check them (limit states to be considered), and utilize everything in practice.

Content :
  • Fundamental Concepts of Joints in the Design of Steel Structures
  • Fundamental Concepts of the Behavior of Steel Connections
  • The Limit States for Connection Components
  • Connection Types: Analysis and Calculation Examples
  • Choosing the Type of Connection
  • Practical Notes on Fabrication
  • Connection Examples

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