Handbook of International Bridge Engineering

Handbook of International Bridge Engineering 

Wai-Fah Chen

Preference :

The book examines the use of different materials for each region, including stone, timber, concrete, steel, and composite. It examines various bridge types, including slab, girder, segmental, truss, arch, suspension, and cable-stayed. A color insert illustrates select landmark bridges. It also presents ten benchmark comparisons for highway composite girder design from different countries the highest bridges the top 100 longest bridges, and the top 20 longest bridge spans for various bridge types including suspension, cable-stayed, extradosed, arch, girder, movable bridges (vertical lift, swing, and bascule), floating, stress ribbon, and timber and bridge construction methods.

Content :
  • Bridge Engineering in Canada
  • Bridge Engineering in the United States
  • Bridge Engineering in Argentina
  • Bridge Engineering in Brazi
  • Bridge Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bridge Engineering in Bulgaria
  • Bridge Engineering in Croatia
  • Bridge Engineering in the Czech Republic
  • Bridge Engineering in Denmark
  • Bridge Engineering in Finland
  • Highest Bridges
  • Longest Bridges and Bridge Spans

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