Mechanical Design of Electric Motors

Mechanical Design of Electric Motors 

Wei Tong

Preference :

Electric motors are extensively used in industrial, commercial, and military applications such as automobiles, elevators, electronic devices, robots, appliances, medical equipment, energy-conversion systems, machine tools, aircraft carriers, and satellites. Along with the rapid growth in energy demand all over the world in recent years, it has become a chal- lenge for the motor industry to design and manufacture high-efficiency, high-reliability, low-cost, and quiet electric motors with superior performance.

Content :
  • Introduction to Electric Motors
  • Rotor Design
  • Shaft Design
  • Stator Design
  • Motor Frame Design
  • Motor Bearing
  • Motor Power Losses
  • Motor Cooling
  • Motor Vibration and Acoustic Noise
  • Motor Testing
  • Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of Electric Motors
  • Innovative and Advanced Motor Design

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