Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists

Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists 

Brian Hahn

Preference :

The main purpose in planning the third edition of this book was to upgrade it to cover the latest version of MATLAB (Version 7.2 Release 2006a). The other purpose was to maintain the objectives of the late Brian D. Hahn as stated in the prefaces of the first and second editions. In his prefaces to the first and second edition, he pointed out the following: This book presents the MATLAB computer programming system as a problem-solving tool for scientists and engineers who have no prior knowledge of computer programming. It is based on a teach-yourself approach; readers are frequently invited to experiment for themselves in order to discover how particular constructs work. The text was originally written as a companion to a hands-on course at the University of Cape Town. Most of the students taking the course had little or no computing experience and came from disadvantaged backgrounds. Consequently, the book assumes that readers have no knowledge of computing, unlike most similar books on MATLAB.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • MATLAB fundamentals
  • Program design and algorithm development
  • Logical vectors
  • Matrices of numbers & arrays of strings
  • Introduction to graphics
  • Loops
  • Errors and pitfalls
  • Function M-files
  • Vectors as arrays & *advanced data structures
  • More graphics
  • Dynamical systems
  • Simulation

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