Managing Complex Construction Projects: A Systems Approach

Managing Complex Construction Projects: A Systems Approach 


Preference :

In this toolbox or book, as some would call it, the reader will fi nd three systems that, used together, can be used to eff ectively manage the complex construction of large, complex projects. Each of these systems should be viewed as a tool that was designed with over twenty years of formal education and forged in the fi res of more than thirty years in the fi eld of onsite construction. If a person is tired of welding piping in the trenches or bolting up steel structures, there is the Work Management System that will help him or her move out of that trench or off of that structure into a career as a labor superintendent, which could potentially lead this person to managing his or her own construction company someday.

Content :
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Project Management System: Part I
  • Chapter 3: Project Management System: Part II
  • Chapter 4: Project Management System: Part III
  • Chapter 5: Work Management System
  • Chapter 6: Quality Management System
  • Chapter 7: Bringing It All Together
  • Chapter 8: Lessons Learned from the Field

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