Pile Design and Construction Practice, 4th Edition

Pile Design and Construction Practice, 4th Edition 

T. J. Tomlinson

Preference :

In this edition, the chapters dealing with methods of calculating the bearing capacity and settlements of piles and pile groups have been extensively revised to take account of recent research and development on this subject. A draft of Eurocode No. 7, Geotechnics, had been completed at the time of preparing this edition. Reference is made to the draft requirements of the Eurocode in the chapters dealing with the design of single piles and pile groups. Generally, the descriptions of types of pile, piling equipment, and methods of installation have been brought up-to-date with current practice and a new section has been added on piled foundations for bridges. The author is grateful to Mr. Malcolm J.Brittain, MICE, of Grove Structural Consultants, for assistance in bringing Chapter 7 into line with the British Standard Code of Practice BS 8110 for structural concrete and for revising the worked examples in this chapter. The help of Mr Keith Brook, FICE in compiling the revised Table 10.1 is also gratefully acknowledged. Many specialist piling contractors and manufacturers of piling equipment have kindly supplied technical information and illustrations of their processes and products. Where appropriate the source of this information is given in the text.

Content :
  • Chapter 1 General principles and practices
  • Chapter 2 Types of pile
  • Chapter 3 Piling equipment and methods
  • Chapter 4 Calculating the resistance of piles to compressive loads
  • Chapter 5 Pile groups under compressive loading
  • Chapter 6 The design of piled foundations to resist uplift and lateral loading
  • Chapter 7 The structural design of piles and pile groups
  • Chapter 8 Piling for marine structures
  • Chapter 9 Miscellaneous piling problems
  • Chapter 10 The durability of piled foundations
  • Chapter 11 Site investigations, piling contracts, pile testing

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