Pile Design and Construction Rules of Thumb, Second Edition

Pile Design and Construction Rules of Thumb, Second Edition 

Ruwan Abey Rajapakse

Preference :

Pile Design and Construction Rules of Thumb presents Geotechnical and Civil Engineers a comprehensive coverage of Pile Foundation related theory and practice. Based on the author’s experience as a PE, the book brings concise theory and extensive calculations, examples, and case studies that can be easily applied by professionals in their day-to-day challenges. In its first part, the book covers the fundamentals of Pile Selection: Soil investigation, condition, pile types, and how to choose them. In the second part, it addresses the Design of Pile Foundations, including different types of soils, pile groups, pile settlement, and pile design in rock. Next, the most extensive part covers Design Strategies and contains chapters on loading analysis, load distribution, negative skin friction, design for expansive soils, wave equation analysis, batter piles, seismic analysis and the use of software for design aid. The fourth part covers Construction Methods including hammers, Inspection, cost estimation, load tests, offshore piling, beams, and caps.

Content :
  • 1 - Site investigation and soil conditions
  • 2 - Geophysical methods
  • 3 - Groundwater
  • 4 - Foundation types
  • 5 - Pile types
  • 6 - Selection of piles
  • 7 - Static and dynamic analysis
  • 8 - Design of driven piles
  • 9 - Design of bored piles
  • 10 - Caisson design
  • 11 - Piles in rock
  • 12 - Underpinning
  • 13 - Pile settlement
  • 14 - Wave equation basics
  • 15 - Negative skin friction

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