Project Management in Practice

Project Management in Practice 

Jack R. Meredith

Preference :

The accomplishment of important tasks and goals in organizations today is being achieved increasingly through the use of projects. As a result, a new kind of organization is emerging to deal with the accelerating growth in the number of multiple, simultaneously ongoing, and often interrelated projects in organizations. This project oriented organization, often called “enterprise project management” (Levine, 1998), “management by projects” (Boznak, 1996), and similar names, was created to tie projects more closely to the organization’s goals and strategy and to integrate and centralize management methods for the growing number of ongoing projects.

Content :
  • 1 The World of Project Management 1
  • 2 The Manager, the Organization, and the Team 
  • 3 Project Activity and Risk Planning
  • 4 Budgeting the Project
  • 5 Scheduling the Project
  • 6 Allocating Resources to the Project
  • 7 Monitoring and Controlling the Project
  • 8 Evaluating and Closing the Project
  • appendix: Probability and Statistic

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