Steel Structures Design ASD/LRFD

Steel Structures Design ASD/LRFD 

Alan Williams

Preference :

The purpose of this book is to introduce engineers to the design of steel structures using the International Code Council’s 2012 International Building Code (IBC). The International Building Code is a national building code that has consolidated and replaced the three model codes previously published by Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCA), International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), and Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI). The first Code was published in 2000 and it has now been adopted by most jurisdictions in the United States. In the 2012 IBC, two specifications of the American Institute of Steel Construction are adopted by reference. This book is based on the final draft of AISC 360-10. Where appropriate, the text uses the 13th edition of the AISC Steel Construction Manual, which includes AISC 360-05, as the 14th edition of the Manual was not available at the time of this publication. The design aids in the Manual are independent of the edition of the Specification.

Content :
  • Steel Buildings and Design Criteria
  • Design Loads
  • Behavior of Steel Structures under Design Loads
  • Design of Steel Beams in Flexure
  • Design of Steel Beams for Shear and Torsion
  • Design of Compression Members
  • Design by Inelastic Analysis
  • Design of Tension Members
  • Design of Bolted Connections
  • Design of Welded Connections
  • Plate Girders
  • Composite Members

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