Structural Concrete

Structural Concrete 

C. B. Wilby

Preference :

A special feature that should appeal to students and practicing engineers internationally is the explanation with the use of examples of Hillerborg's methods (particularly his advanced method) for designing any type of indeterminate slab (see later and Chapter 4). The method is lower bound and produces very sensible practical reinforcement systems. A special feature that should appeal to students beginning design is that the author teaches the student how to create practical structures (see Chapter 7 and Section 2.5). Competitive books sometimes give designs of structures of known geometry, which check the strength of the given structure and design the reinforcement for those sections requiring the most. No explanation is given of how to decide upon the geometry of the structure, yet this is the first thing a beginner has to obtain. An example is given in this book of how to decide upon a reasonable structural system from a rectangular layout of column positions. This is usually the starting point as the architect will have planned his client's requirements to suit a certain layout of columns. The example (Chapter 7) shows speedily that all the members will meet with CP 110 requirements; in particular, their sizes are adequate with regard to limit states and reasonably economic and adequate to contain practical reinforcement systems. Then a summary is given showing how to set out calculations in practice for submission for checking by other professionals.

Content :
  • 1. The design and analysis of reinforced and prestressed concrete structural
    components (or members or elements) and structures.
  • 2. The basic theories required for
  • 3. The properties and behavior of plain concrete, and of the steel used for
    reinforcing and prestressing concrete.
  • 4. Cement manufacture.
  • 5. Properties of cement and fine and coarse aggregates.
  • 6. The design of concrete mixes and properties of fresh (or wet) concrete.
  • 7. Numerous design tables and graphs, both for general use and for aiding design with British Standard CP 110.
  • 8. The use of limit state design and British Standard CP 110 in connection with the above.
  • 9. Various British Standard CP 110 clauses, figures and tables used or referred to in the text, or otherwise useful

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