Super High Strength, High Performance Concrete

Super High Strength, High Performance Concrete 

Xincheng Pu

Preference :

the book discusses the technical approach toward the manufacture and the basic principles of 100–150 MPa super-high-strength high-performance concrete with common raw materials and common technology. The manufacturing technology and mix proportions of the concrete are described in detail. The characteristics of pore structure, interface structure, and macrostructure as well as the composition character of the hydration products for super-high-strength high-performance concrete are studied; the strength, deformation, and durability of such concrete are discussed. The application and technical-economic benefits of super-high-strength high-performance concrete currently available are reviewed and the prospects for their application are described.

Content :
  • 1 Modern civil engineering and modern concrete 
  • 2 Approaches and principles 
  • 3 Important effects of active mineral admixtures 
  • 4 Analysis of the pozzolanic effect and strength composition
  • 5 Raw materials 
  • 6 The problems with preparation techniques
  • 7 Structure 
  • 8 Strength and deformation properties
  • 9 Durability 
  • 10 Test methods 
  • 11 Applications, trials, and prospects

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