Advanced Geotechnical Engineering

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering 

C S Desai

Preference :

Soil–structure interaction is a topic of significant importance in the solution of problems in geotechnical engineering. Conventional and ad hoc techniques are usually not sufficient to understand the mechanism and model the challenging behavior at the interfaces and joints prevalent in most structural and foundation systems. In addition to mechanical loading, the behavior of structures containing interfaces can be affected by environmental factors such as fluids, temperature, and chemicals. Understanding and defining the behavior of engineering materials and interfaces or joints are vital for realistic and economic analysis and design of engineering problems. Hence, constitutive modeling that defines the behavior of the materials and interfaces, related testing, and validation assumes high importance.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Beam-Columns, Piles, and Walls: One-Dimensional Simulation
  • Two- and Three-Dimensional Finite Element Static Formulations and Two-Dimensional Applications
  • Three-Dimensional Applications
  • Flow-through Porous Media: Seepage
  • Flow-through Porous Deformable Media: One-Dimensional Consolidation
  • Coupled Flow through Porous Media: Dynamics and Consolidation
  • Appendix 1: Constitutive Models, Parameters, and Determination
  • Appendix 2: Computer Software or Codes

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