Advanced Structural Mechanics

Advanced Structural Mechanics 

Alberto Carpinteri

Preference :

The theory of statically indeterminate beam systems is initially presented, with the solution of numerous examples and the plotting of the corresponding diagrams of axial force, shearing force, and bending moment. For the framed structures, approached on the basis of the method of displacements, automatic computational procedures, normally involving the use of computers, are introduced in both the static and the dynamic regimes. The mechanics of linear elastic plates and shells are then studied adopting a matrix for- emulation, which is particularly useful for numerical applications. The kinematic, static, and constitutive equations, once composed, provide an operator equation that has as its unknown the generalized displacement vector.

Content :
  • 1. Plane frames 
  • 2. Statically indeterminate beam systems: Method of displacements 
  • 3. Shells and membranes 
  • 4. Finite element method 
  • 5. Dynamics of discrete systems 
  • 6. Dynamics of continuous systems 
  • 7. Instability of elastic equilibrium 
  • 8. Theory of plasticity 
  • 9. Plane stress and plane strain conditions 
  • 10. Mechanics of fracture 
  • 11. Long-span structures 
  • 12. High-rise buildings.

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