Construction Contracting: A Practical Guide to Company Management

Construction Contracting: A Practical Guide to Company Management 

Richard H. Clough

Preference :

The construction industry is very large by any standard, and it can be described and defined in a number of different ways. This chapter will begin to characterize the industry in terms of its size and economic impact and will proceed to define by name and by function some of the practitioners who perform their professional work in the industry. Also to be examined are terminology relative to types of contracts, public and private; single and separate contracts; competitive bid and negotiated contract formation; different project delivery methods; different types of construction contractors; and various types or categories of construction projects. All of these are vantage points from which the construction industry can be observed, and all of these terms provide descriptors for various aspects of the professional practice of construction contracting in the industry.

Content :
  • 1. The Construction Industry 
  • 2. Business Ownership
  • 3. Company Organization 
  • 4. Project Design and Contract and Bid Documents for a Project 
  • 5. Cost Estimating and Bidding 
  • 6. Construction Contract Provisions 
  • 7. Contract Surety Bonds 
  • 8. Construction Insurance
  • 9. Business Methods
  • 10. Project Management and Administration
  • 11. Project Time Management
  • 12. Project Cost Management
  • 13. Labor Law
  • 14. Labor Relations
  • 15. Project Safety

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