Construction Management

Construction Management 

Daniel W Halpin

Preference :

This book introduces extended coverage in the scheduling area to address more advanced and practice-oriented procedures such as Start to Start, Finish to Finish, and similar relationships between activities in a network schedule. To provide increased coverage of topics related to the financial side of the house, two new chapters have been added addressing the impact of taxes on the operation of a company and the evaluation of borrowing, lending, and other financial opportunities using the mathematical concepts of engineering economy. Chapters from the previous edition have been rearranged to improve the flow of topics covered.

Content :
  • History and Basic Concepts
  • Preparing the Bid Package
  • Issues During Construction Phase
  • Construction Contracts
  • Legal Structure
  • Impact of Taxes
  • Project Planning
  • Project Scheduling
  • Scheduling: Program Evaluation and Review Technique Networks and Linear Operations
  • The Mathematics of Money
  • Project Cash Flow
  • Project Funding
  • Equipment Ownership
  • Equipment Productivity
  • Construction Labor
  • Estimating Process
  • Cost Control

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