Construction Site Management and Labor Productivity Improvement

Construction Site Management and Labor  Productivity Improvement 

Ellis, Ralph D.

Preference :

This text is based on the collective 70-plus years of experience the authors have in monitoring and managing construction projects. During this time, the authors have monitored more than 200 active construction projects. On most of these projects, the labor productivity was measured, loss of productivity was noted, and the deficient events leading to productivity degradation were documented. The authors have observed that these events can be organized in relatively few broad categories, such as material management and sequencing. Furthermore, the authors have also observed that whenever these deficient events (conditions) are present, the consequences are always the same: inefficient productivity and extend- ed schedules.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Weight of Expert Opinion
  • Fundamental Principles of Planning
  • Site Layout
  • Fundamental Principles of Weather Mitigation
  • Fundamental Principles of Site Material Management
  • Fundamental Principles of Workforce Management
  • Fundamental Principles of Activity Sequencing
  • Fundamental Principles of Trade Sequencing
  • Fundamental Principles for Avoiding Congestion
  • Best Practices for Subcontractor Management
  • Fundamental Principles for Managing Schedule Acceleration
  • Best Practices for Environmental Compliance
  • Productivity Evaluation

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