Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety

Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety 

Joe Turner

Preference :

The excavation safety and shoring and industry have been promoted, innovated, and influenced by many talented individuals; a few of these people I have had the privilege to know. Through my conversations with them, I have gained much of the knowledge put forth in this book. Naming some of these giants of the industry whom I have known would surely leave out others of equal importance whom I have not met but who have equally influenced me. I would like to gratefully acknowledge their effort and selfless contribution to the excavation safety industry.

Content :
  • Introduction to Excavation Safety and Shoring Design
  • Engineering Structural Principles for Shoring Design
  • Excavation Work Planning
  • Existing Subsurface Installations and Outside Force Damage Protection
  • Interpreting Soils Information for Excavation Planning and Shoring Design
  • Excavation Stability and Shoring Design Loads
  • Surcharge Loading, Base Stability, and Surface Settlement
  • Slope Stability and Open Cut Worker Protection Systems
  • Shoring Systems Selected from Tabulated Data
  • Appendix 1: OSHA Subpart P, Excavations and Commentary

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