Interpreting Engineering Drawings

Interpreting Engineering Drawings 

Ted Branoff

Preference :

The eighth edition of Interpreting Engineering Drawings is the most comprehensive and up-to-date text of its kind. The text has been revised to best pre- pare students to enter twenty-first-century technology-intensive industries. It is also useful to those individuals working in technology-based industries who feel the need to enhance their understanding of key aspects of twenty-first-century technology. To that end, the text offers the flexibility needed to provide instruction in as narrow or as broad a customized program of studies as is required or desired. Clearly, it provides the theory and practical application for individuals to develop the intellectual skills needed to communicate technical concepts used throughout the international marketplace.

Content :
  • Introduction: Line Types and Sketching
  • Lettering and Title Blocks
  • Basic Geometry: Circles and Arcs
  • Working Drawings and Projection Theory
  • Introduction to Dimensioning
  • Normal, Inclined, and Oblique Surfaces
  • Pictorial Sketching
  • Machining Symbols and Revision Blocks
  • Chamfers, Undercuts, Tapers, and Knurls
  • Sectional Views
  • One-and Two-View Drawings
  • Surface Texture
  • Runout Tolerances

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