Introduction to Mechatronics

Introduction to Mechatronics 

K.K. Appukuttan

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The integration of mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and computer technology is increasingly forming a crucial part in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of a wide range of engineering products and processes. As a consequence of the synergy of systems in the industry, it is becoming increasingly important for engineers and technicians to adopt an interdisciplinary and integrated approach towards engineering problems. The term ‘mechatronics’ is used to describe this integrated approach. In the design of cars, robots, machine tools, washing machines, cameras, microwave ovens, and many other machines, an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to engineering design is increasingly being adopted.

Content :
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Mechatronics in Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering and Machines in Mechatronics
  • Electronics in Mechatronics
  • Computing Elements in Mechatronics
  • Systems Modelling and Analysis
  • Motion Control Devices
  • Sensors and Transducers
  • CNC Machines
  • Intelligent Systems and Their Applications
  • Autotronics, Bionics, and Avionics
  • Appendix B: Laplace and Z Transforms

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