Mechatronics : A Foundation Course

Mechatronics: A Foundation Course 

Andrew Watts

Preference :

This is an introductory book on the subject of mechatronics. It can serve as both a textbook and a reference book for engineering students and practicing professionals, respectively. As a textbook, it is suitable for undergraduate or entry-level graduate courses in mechatronics, mechatronic devices and components, sensors and actuators, electromechanical systems, system modeling and simulation, and control system instrumentation. Mechatronics concerns the synergistic and concurrent use of mechanics, electronics, computer engineering, and intelligent control systems in modeling, analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and controlling smart electromechanical products. As modern machinery and electromechanical devices are typically being controlled using analog and digital electronics and computers, the technologies of mechanical engineering in such a system can no longer be isolated from those of electronic and computer engineering.

Content :
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Basic Elements and Components
  • Modeling of Mechatronic Systems
  • Component Interconnection and Signal Conditioning
  • Instrument Ratings and Error Analysis
  • Actuators
  • Digital Hardware and Microcontrollers
  • Control Systems
  • Case Studies in Mechatronics
  • Appendix A: Solid MechanicsAppendix 
  • B: Transform Techniques

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