Mechatronics. Principles, Technologies and Applications

Mechatronics. Principles, Technologies, and Applications 

Eugenio Brusa

Preference :

A recent experience within the frame of the EMEA (Europe – the Middle East and Africa) District of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) encouraged me to actively participate in this editorial project whose aim is giving an impression of some current topics in mechatronics, being subject of several research activities and of industrial efforts focused on continuous innovation of product, process, and professional expertise. As the Reader could realize the Authors replied to a call from the Mediterranean area and Africa, obviously without any inhibition to collaborate with other institutions outside the EMEA region. They propose herein an overview of applications, methodologies, and technologies that are nowadays characterizing the ongoing activity within the field of mechatronics. Those issues are a little bit melt inside each chapter, since in everyone some item related to a specific application, technology, and method used in designing, controlling, and manufacturing the system is described. Actually, those details assure the originality of each contribution herein enclosed, as the Authors wrote.

Content :
  • Mechatronics of Hard Disk Drives: Rise Feedback Track Following Control of a R/W Head
  • Sagittal Biped Chaos Control Modeling
  • Hardware and Fluid in the Loop Testing
  • The Low-Cost Design of a 3D Printed Multi-Fingered Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand
  • Mechatronic Integration for Search and Rescue Applications
  • A Low Cost, Extendable Prosthetic Leg for Trans-Femoral Amputees
  • Integration of Sensors and Actuators to Suppress Vibrations on Carbon Fiber Structures
  • Emerging Role of the Mechatronic Design of Industrial Systems for the Material Processing Technology
  • Prediction and Control of Vibrations and Chatter in Machining 207 Marco Sortino and Giovanni Totis

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