Outrigger Design for High-Rise Buildings

Outrigger Design for High-Rise Buildings 

Hi Sun Choi

Preference :

Outrigger systems have come into widespread use in supertall buildings constructed since the 1980s, eclipsing the tubular frame systems previously favored. Their popularity derives largely from the unique combination of architectural flexibility and structural efficiency that they offer, compared to tubular systems with characteristic closely spaced columns and deep spandrel girders. Despite extensive recent use, outrigger systems are not listed as seismic load resisting systems in current building codes, and specific design guidelines for them are not available. Recognizing the pressing need for such guidelines, the CTBUH formed the Outrigger Working Group, launched in September 2011, charged with developing a design guide.

Content :
  • Introduction to Outrigger Systems
  • Design Considerations for Outrigger Systems
  • System Organization and Examples
  • Recommendations and Future Research

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