Power Electronics Handbook, 4th Edition

Power Electronics Handbook, 4th Edition 

Muhammad H. Rashid

Preference :

Power Electronics Handbook, Fourth Edition, brings together over 100 years of combined experience in the specialist areas of power engineering to offer a fully revised and updated expert guide to total power solutions. Designed to provide the best technical and most commercially viable solutions available, this handbook undertakes any or all aspects of a project requiring specialist design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services.

Content :
  • Introduction to Power Electronics
  • Section 1: Power Electronics Devices
  • Section 2: Power Conversion
  • Section 3: General Applications
  • Section 4: Power Generation and Distribution
  • Section 5: Motor Drives
  • Section 6: Control
  • Section 7: Power Quality and EMI Issues
  • Section 8: Simulation and Packaging

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