Project Management: The Managerial Process

Project Management: The Managerial Process 

Erik W. Larson

Preference :

Our motivation in writing this text continues to be to provide a realistic, socio-technical view of project management. In the past, textbooks on project management focused almost exclusively on the tools and processes used to manage projects and not the human dimension. This baffled us since people, not tools to complete projects! While we firmly believe that mastering tools and processes are essential to successful project management, we also believe that the effectiveness of these tools and methods is shaped and determined by the prevailing culture of the organization and the interpersonal dynamics of the people involved. Thus, we try to provide a holistic view that focuses on both of these dimensions and how they interact to determine the fate of projects.

Content :
  • Chapter 1: Modern Project Management
  • Chapter 2: Organization Strategy and Project Selection
  • Chapter 3: Organization: Structure and Culture
  • Chapter 4: Defining the Project
  • Chapter 5: Estimating Project Times and Costs
  • Chapter 6: Developing a Project Schedule
  • Chapter 7: Managing Risk
  • Chapter 8 Appendix 1: The Critical-Chain Approach
  • Chapter 9: Reducing Project Duration
  • Chapter 10: Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager
  • Chapter 11: Managing Project Teams
  • Chapter 12: Outsourcing: Managing Interorganizational Relations
  • Chapter 13 Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation
  • Chapter 14: Project Closure
  • Chapter 15: International Projects
  • Chapter 16: An Introduction to Agile Project Management

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