Quality Management in Construction Projects, Second Edition

Quality Management in Construction Projects, Second Edition 

Abdul Razzak Rumane

Preference :

It is almost 5 years since my book entitled Quality Management in Construction Projects was published. The response was encouraging and many people appreciated the book as it was totally devoted to quality management in construction projects. I am happy and feel honored that I could share my knowledge, which helped many readers in their day-to-day professional activities related to quality in construction projects.

Content :
  • Overview of Quality
  • Quality Management System
  • Construction Projects
  • Quality in Construction Projects
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Facility Management
  • Assessment of Quality
  • Appendix A: Design Review Checklists
  • Appendix B: Major Activities during the Construction Process in Building Construction Project
  • Appendix C: Content of Contractor’s Quality Control Plan

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