Reinforced Concrete Designer' Handbook TENTH EDITION

Reinforced Concrete Designer' Handbook 

C.E. Reynolds

Preference :

A structure is an assembly of members each of which is subjected to bending or to direct force (either tensile or compressive) or to a combination of bending and direct force. These primary influences may be accompanied by shearing forces and sometimes by torsion. Effects due to changes in temperature and to shrinkage and creep of the concrete, and the possibility of damage resulting from overloading, local damage, abrasion, vibration, frost, chemical attack, and similar causes may also have to be considered. The design includes the calculation of, or other means of assessing and providing resistance against, the moments, forces, and other effects on the members.

Content :
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Safety factors, loads and pressures
  • 3 Structural analysis
  • 4 Materials and stresses
  • 5 Resistance of structural members
  • 6 Structures and foundations
  • 7 Electronic computational aids: an introduction
  • 8 Partial safety factors
  • 9 Loads
  • 10 Pressures due to retained materials
  • 11 Cantilevers and beams of one span
  • 12 Continuous beams
  • 13 Influence lines for continuous beams
  • 14 Slabs spanning in two directions
  • 15 Frame analysis
  • 16 Framed structures
  • 17 Arches
  • 18 Concrete and reinforcement
  • 19 Properties of reinforced concrete sections
  • 20 Design of beams and slabs
  • 21 Resistance to shearing and torsional forces
  • 22 Columns
  • 23 Walls
  • 24 Joints and intersections between members
  • 25 Structures and foundations

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