Steel Structures: Design and Behavior, 4th Edition

Steel Structures: Design and Behavior, 4th Edition 

Charles G. Salmon

Preference :

The fourth edition of this best-selling work reflects the latest changes occurring in the design requirements for structural steel using the 1993 AISC Load and Resistance Factor Design and the 1989 AISC Allowable Stress Design Specifications. Although emphasis throughout the text is on an explanation of the LRFD approach involving "limit states" and factored loads, the ASD formulations are developed from the strength-related concepts of LRFD for the major topics (such as tension members, axially loaded columns, beams, and composite construction). Noted for its logical and thorough presentation of the theoretical background needed for developing and explaining design requirements, Steel Structures uses a generous number of numerical design examples to demonstrate the process of selecting minimum weight members to satisfy given conditions. Considerable attention has been paid to presenting for the beginning student the necessary elastic and inelastic stability concepts, the understanding of which is essential to properly apply steel design rules.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Steels and Properties
  • Tension Members
  • Structural Fasteners
  • Welding
  • Compression Members
  • Beams Laterally Supported
  • Torsion
  • Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Beams
  • Plate Girders
  • Combined Bending and Axial Load
  • Connections
  • Frames- Braced and Unbraced
  • Design of Rigid Frames
  • Composite Steel-Concrete Construction

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