The Design of Modern Steel Bridges

The Design of Modern Steel Bridges 

Sukhen Chatterjee

Preference :

Bridges are great symbols of mankind’s conquest of space. The sight of the crimson tracery of the Golden Gate Bridge against a setting sun in the Pacific Ocean, or the arch of the Garabit Viaduct soaring triumphantly above the deep gorge, fills one’s heart with wonder and admiration for the art of their builders. They are the enduring expressions of mankind’s determination to remove all barriers in its pursuit of a better and freer world. Their design and building schemes are conceived in dream-like visions. But vision and determination are not enough. All the physical forces of nature and gravity must be understood with mathematical precision and such forces have to be resisted by manipulating the right materials in the right pattern. This requires both the inspiration of an artist and the skill of an artisan.

Content :
  • Types and History of Steel Bridges
  • Types and Properties of Steel
  • Loads on Bridges
  • Aims of Design
  • Rolled Beam and Plate Girder Design
  • Stiffened Compression Flanges of Box and Plate Girders
  • Cable‐Stayed Bridges

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