Analysis, Design and Construction of Foundations

Analysis, Design and Construction of Foundations 

Yung Ming Cheng

Preference :

Analysis, Design, and Construction of Foundations outline methods for analysis and design of the construction of shallow and deep foundations with particular reference to case studies in Hong Kong and China, as well as a discussion of the methods used in other countries. It introduces the main approaches used by geotechnical and structural engineers, and the precautions required for planning, design, and construction of foundation structures. Some computational methods and computer programs are reviewed to provide tools for performing a more realistic analysis of foundation systems.

Content :
  • 1 Introduction to geotechnical analysis, site investigation, and in-situ tests
  • 2 Ultimate limit state analysis of shallow foundations
  • 3 Serviceability limit state of shallow foundation
  • 4 Analysis and design of footing, raft foundation, and pile cap
  • 5 Excavation and lateral support system (ELS)
  • 6 Pile engineering
  • 7 Slope stability analysis and stabilisation

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