Building Construction Principles, Materials and Systems

Building Construction Principles, Materials, and Systems 

Medan Mehta Ph.D

Preference :

The book has several distinctive features. Each chapter is divided into convenient segments that pause with a set of multiple-choice ( Practice Quiz) questions. Their purpose is to help the reader gain a broad understanding of the subject and assimilate its highlights. Answers to practice quizzes are provided in the end sheets of the book to facilitate self-testing by the readers. Testing for a detailed understanding of the chapter is accomplished through Review Questions provided at the end of each chapter. A large number of Margin Notes expand on critical topics or topics that would stimulate the reader to pursue the additional self-directed inquiry. Where a critical topic needs expanded coverage, beyond that given in the main body of the chapter or in margin notes, it is provided in the Expand Your Knowledge sections. Almost every chapter has one or more such sections.

Content :
  • An Overview of the Building Delivery Process (How Buildings Come Into Being)
  • Design and Constructions Regulations
  • Loads on Buildings
  • Load Resistance (The Structural Properties of Materials)
  • Properties of the Envelope-I (Thermal Properties
  • Properties of the Envelope-II (Air and Water Vapor Control)
  • Fire and Smoke-Related Properties
  • Acoustical Properties of Materials
  • Principles of Joints And Sealants (Expansion and Contraction Control)
  • Principles of Sustainable Construction
  • Soils and Excavations
  • Below-Grade Construction (Foundation Systems and Basements)
  • Material and Systems of Constructions

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