Earth Pressure and Earth-Retaining Structures

Modern Construction Handbook, Third Edition 

Chris R.I. Clayton

Preference :

This book is about the calculation or estimation of the pressures that soil or more often, soil and water can apply to retaining structures. Retaining structures are used on almost all construction projects, so an understanding- ing of their interaction with the ground is essential for structural and geotechnical engineers.
An understanding of soil and groundwater is essential for the safe design of earth-retaining structures. Soil strength acts to reduce the load that must be carried by a retaining structure, whilst its stiffness significantly affects the ground movements that occur. This chapter considers soil behavior. Chapter 2 discusses ground investigation and the determination of soil properties. Chapter 4 examines groundwater issues.

Content :
  • Soil behavior
  • Soil properties
  • Factors affecting earth pressure
  • Water and retaining structures
  • Global and local instability
  • Wall selection
  • Avoiding failure
  • Introduction to analysis
  • Gravity walls
  • Embedded walls
  • Composite walls and other support systems

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